. .........History is what is captured in the hearts, minds and eyes of people. It is
frozen in that frame of time in order for future generations to see and
appreciate what took place in that moment of time long ago. Tigran Abcarians
was one such person, who saw what was happening around him in the
present as history for future generations to come. It was his remarkable and
educated mind that has allowed us to go back in time to see a glimpse of life in
New Julfa over 130 years ago. As he wrote the forward in his dictionary of New
Julfa words in 1910, he noted that it is important to collect the words and
phrases of the present, for if it is not captured, it will be forgotten forever.
He was a man ahead of his time, who realized the importance of preserving
the past in order to educate  future generations. Now, you are about to embark
on a trip that will take you back more than a century, to a time long ago, to a
place called New Julfa, where the announcements and flyers are waiting to be
read by those people of  long ago, who are living in a world far different from
ours today. Enjoy the ride.......


Leona Abcarians Darmanian
Great-granddaughter of Tigran Abcarians


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