It is my honor to have received this beautiful letter written by the Director of the Museum of Literature & Arts in Yerevan, Armenia thanking me for my valuable contribution to their museum. My grandfather, Tigran Abcarians' collection of Announcements and Flyers of Public Events, dating back over 140 years, is now at its permanent home. My grandfather would be very proud to know that his collection is right where he intended it to be. The theory behind all of his work & collections was to somehow preserve that moment in time, because one day that moment would be gone & that the past would present itself through his collections. His intention was for future generations to view his collection & get a glimpse of what life was like in New Julfa, a culturally rich Armenian populated city in Iran. His vision has become a reality. I would like to thank my friend, Avo Hovhannisian, for helping me safely transfer this valuable collection from my possession in the U.S., to the Museum of Literature & Arts in Armenia.

Saro Abcarians